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Heartbeat: Hotfox at SXSW, Day three



Hotfox is guest blogging for NUVO during their SXSW tour.

We woke up in Dallas to a generous breakfast including hot tea and Vitamin C, pigs-in-blankets con queso and bottomless donuts. We left the Dallas area around 10 a.m. and made our way south toward Austin.

The van exceeded all expectations and held up the entire trip from Bloomington to Austin besides a small hiccup in Waco, where our muffler began dragging for a bit. Luckily, we tied it up and got to a muffler shop where we got the "deal of the day" and paid $20 for a new pipe to be welded on.

We hit the Austin traffic and inched forward bit by bit for a little while, but once we got off of the highway the surface roads were a lot less congested. We got to a parking lot under the highway and continued on foot to seek out our wristbands. We made it one or two blocks before just being completely thrown off by the overwhelming bustle of people that SXSW has to offer.

We made it to the convention center and started seeing more and more people that looked important (or looked like they thought they were important). We spent probably twenty minutes in line before making it to the desk, where Marcus and I got ourselves into a little mix up and had to be escorted to the help desk. But, that got resolved easily.

As soon as we walked out of the Convention Center, our wolf pack increased in size as a female Dr. Pepper distribution expert provided us with ice cold beverages. We told her about our set on Friday at Maggie Mae's and she put our information in her phone (read: checked her text messages). She likened Oliver to Shaun White and she gave us her number (read: recited ten numbers with pauses after the third and sixth numbers.

Muffler fails, but band succeeds. - DUNCAN KISSINGER
  • Duncan Kissinger
  • Muffler fails, but band succeeds.

We quickly met up with some fellow Hoosiers near a colony of food trucks at Red River and 7th to grab some grub before making a decent trek down 12th Street to Club 1808. All I knew during the walk was that DMA was playing later in the night. We made it to the venue just in time to catch the end of a set by a noisy funk duo from Michigan called Dada Trash Collage. I met bassist/electronic manipulator William after their set and was directed to a 2'x2' table holding all of their merch on a pay-what-you-want basis. I threw in some money and grabbed two CDs.

The next band was another noisy duo called Unstoppable Death Machines with a more abrasive and energetic set. The bassist broke a string on their second song and was quickly presented with another bass to finish their set. Both of the members had mics strapped to their heads using materials similar to what was briefly holding up our muffler and the vocals reminded me of System of a Down (not my favorite band), but their instrumentation was pretty cool.

After Unstoppable Death Machines, a five piece noisy spaz band from Boston called Guerilla Toss took the stage in the adjacent room. The singer, Kassie Carlson, donned a spandex onesie and her vocals shifted between screaming and shrieking. I talked to her after their set and, instead of confessing my love for her, I ended up buying one of their tapes. So it goes.

The night started coming on and we had a dinner date with some more of Marcus' family, so we headed toward the hustle and bustle of mainstream SXSW, and back to our van.

We arrived in San Antonio with eggplant parmesan waiting for us, and we graciously demolished most of it.

We're now on the road back to Austin for our debut performance at J Black's Feel Good Lounge for the State of Music/Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie showcase. We're hoping to meet up with The In Store and our friends from Humanize this evening. I almost forgot we were in Austin to play. We're almost back to the madness, so it's time to put my game face on.


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