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This week's lead story in the print version of NUVO tackles up-and-coming hip-hop impresario G-Scott. Emcee, producer, former video game designer, current IU-Northeast student — G-Scott's got a lot going on. He's been taken on by fellow Gary emcee Freddie Gibbs, getting a stamp of approval that will surely take him far. He'll be at the Earth House this Saturday with Cleveland emcee Chip tha Rapper.

In the spirit of longreads about musicians we love, I've rounded up a few interesting pieces making the rounds on the 'net today.

Famed music journalist Chuck Klosterman spent a night seeing Creed and Nickelback, two of the most universally hated bands....and two of the most popular bands touring today. This paragraph sums up my love of this article:

"It's hard to get inside the existential paradox of [Nickelback lead singer Chad] Kroeger's life on tour: Every day, he gives interviews to journalists and radio DJs who directly ask him why no one likes his band. Every night, he plays music to thousands of enraptured superfans, many of whom love him with a ferocity that's probably unhealthy. Every concert ends with a standing ovation; if he feels motivated, he spends the remainder of the night partying with forgettable strangers who will remember him for the rest of their lives. Eventually, Kroeger falls asleep. And then he wakes up in a beautiful hotel room, only to read new articles about how everyone in North America hates his band."

See the rest over at Grantland.

Diplo is one half of Major Lazer, who will be stopping in Indy later this May for a show that will most certainly sell out. Rolling Stone sat down with him to talk about his busy, busy life. It also answered a niggling question I've had for years; Diplo IS short for DIplodocus (as in dinosaur).

And for something a bit weirder — here's the odd story of Korean hip-hop superstar Daniel Lee. Did he go to Stanford? Did he not? Read on.


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