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HEC hosts annual environmental forum


The fourth annual 'Greening the Statehouse' forum aims for new solutions to protect local ecosystems.
  • The fourth annual 'Greening the Statehouse' forum aims for new solutions to protect local ecosystems.

The Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) presents their fourth annual "Greening the Statehouse" forum on Dec.10, where environmental experts will propose solutions for area mass transit, water pollution and clean energy policy.

The day will feature a keynote speech by Jim Motavalli, expert on green transit technologies and former editor of E magazine. A current contributor to The New York Times and NPR's Car Talk, Motavalli has authored three books on green transit and climate change. His speech will address mass transit solutions, green car technology and its possible impact on the Indiana auto manufacturing industry. Motavalli will also discuss the auto industry's conjunctive relationship to carbon pollution produced by conventional power plants.

The event comes at a time when environmental issues concerning Indiana are at the forefront of recent local and national legislation. Take, for example, the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, or the recent U.S. House of Representative's approval of a bill that prohibits federal regulation of coal ash disposal. Presenters will address environmental legislation for 2012, with specific focus on the Indiana General Assembly.

Several panel topics include a discussion on mass transit plans and an area water quality update from the Indiana Wildlife Federation. Later, "The Green Elephant in the Room" portion will bring green-minded Republicans to the stage.

HEC will also present its annual awards ceremony, honoring local individuals and organizations for their achievements in environmental consciousness.

Tickets are $20 for general admission and $15 for students, with an early bird price of $5 available through Friday, Nov. 18. Registration is available online at HEC's website.


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