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Henry and Glenn Forever



A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a bizarre image: a classic, 1960‘s-style, romance comic book with a couple in turmoil on the cover. That in itself isn’t so strange, but the couple on the cover was legendary Misfits and Danzig frontman (and one of my favorite musicians of all time) Glenn Danzig and Black Flag and Rollins Band frontman Henry Rollins.

Henry & Glenn Forever is a campy comic book about a fictitious relationship between Danzig and Rollins. Created by LA art-collective Igloo Tornado and distributed by Bloomington-based Cantankerous Titles, the comic re-imagines Danzig and Rollins as intimate roommates who live next to the satan-worshipping Hall & Oates.

Forever? Or at least until Danzig finds out about it...
  • Forever? Or at least until Danzig finds out about it...

As silly as the premise is, I can’t help but wonder what the real Danzig and Rollins think of their fictional romance. Rollins, whose bread and butter today is spoken word and comedy, seems to have a pretty good sense of humor and might get a kick out of it.

Danzig on the other hand, is a different story. Despite being a long-time comic book aficionado (Danzig owns his own occult/horror comic book company, Verotic), I have a feeling that he won’t take this kind of lampooning too well.

Danzig has an history of erratic behavior. His viral video “hit” of a backstage brawl which ends in him getting floored hilariously documented Danzig’s aggressive attitude. A post-Columbine run-in with angry parents outside of a Marilyn Manson recording session is also a note-worthy instance of Danzig’s temper. Danzig seems more likely to punch something than to have a good laugh. These Igloo Tornado fellows had better know what they’re doing.

So while you may get a chuckle out of reading Henry and Glenn Forever, just be sure that you don’t laugh TOO hard. Danzig may be close by, and chances are, he won't be too happy...


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