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With a slew of overlapping local band names like Project Hero, Hero Jr., and No One Zero, it’s easy to mistake one for the other. But that would be a major blunder. On the spectrum of rock’n’roll music, we find Project Hero at one end (alternative power pop with a hint of attitude) and No One Zero (metal-tinged with vocal growls) on the opposite extreme. Somewhere in between lays Hero Jr.

Hero Jr.'s compositions are firm and robust; if you like what you hear on record, then you will inevitably like what you hear live. Frontman Evan Haughey, the natural focal point of Hero Jr., kicks, jumps and sings with rock star swagger while his tranquil band mates takes a more restrained approach.

Their music avoids genre pigeonholing by its very nature. Their self-titled EP suggests inspiration from iconic nineties bands such as Toadies, Stone Temple Pilots and Days of The New, and they would be just as comfortable in front of a sophisticated, upscale audience at The Hard Rock Café as they would be before a rowdy group of tweens at The ES Jungle or on the stage of your neighborhood watering hole.

Finalists in the recent Hard Rock Café Battle of the Bands contest and on a spring tour with 14 remaining stops (reaching as far as Missouri and Wisconsin), Hero Jr. are active self-promoters and proud of the work they do. Your next chances to catch them live in Indianapolis are (no joke!) Friday April 1st at The Vollrath and again in May for their double-header weekend at Radio Radio and The Monkey’s Tail on 5/13 and 5/14 respectively.

"Shake It Out"
Hero Jr. 2010 EP

"Over the Line"
Hero Jr. 2010 EP

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