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Herron painted with philanthropic brush



Philanthropists extraordinaire: Sidney and Lois Eskenazi.
  • Philanthropists extraordinaire: Sidney and Lois Eskenazi.

Herron School of Art and Design is set to begin renovations on their sculpture and ceramics facility thanks in part to a generous donation made by Sidney and Lois Eskenazi.

Originally opened in 2000, the 26,000 sq. ft. building will be renamed the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Fine Arts Center in honor of the philanthropic duo’s generous contribution. The contribution was characterized as “transformational.”

Additional space was made a necessity at the school in light of an increase in undergrad enrollment, the launch of new Master of Fine Art degree programs and a successful public art initiative promoted by the school.

The sculpture and ceramics facility, located at 1350 Indiana Ave., has already been recognized as one of the best of its kind in higher education and the hope is that the continued infusion of community support will allow it to become a signature fine arts center.

Construction on the building is tentatively scheduled to be finished by 2012 and the finished result will boast an expansion of 10,000 sq. ft. as well as extensive renovations to the 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse that was already on site.

The expansions will be used to house art studios, classrooms, galleries and community art programs.

The Eskenazi’s are not alone in their patronage of the arts. The revamping of the sculpture and ceramic facility was also benefited by the generosity of the Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, George and Diane Seybert, Don Gummer and Meryl Streep, Drs. Thomas and Shirley Mueller and other members of Herron’s Advisory Board.


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