HJR 3 vote delayed

The House Judiciary Committee vote on HJR-3 (formerly HJR-6) has been put off until tomorrow. Freedom Indiana took this as good news (akin to a jury taking longer to deliberate).

They sent out this release just before 3 pm:

Freedom Indiana statement on HJR-3 legislative committee hearing today

INDIANAPOLIS - Freedom Indiana campaign manager Megan Robertson released the following statement on the House Judiciary Committee held this morning on HJR-3, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would permanently define marriage and would remove existing protections under law for same-sex and unmarried couples and families.

The Committee heard nearly four hours of testimony on the amendment and recessed without taking a vote.

A listing of those testifying in opposition to the amendment is included below. Hundreds of Freedom Indiana supporters and volunteers came to the Statehouse wearing red to witness the hearing.

"It was such an amazing sight to look around the House chamber and Statehouse halls and see so many Hoosiers decked out in red to show their opposition to this divisive amendment that would harm our friends, neighbors and families.

"Hoosiers opposed to this amendment have made thousands of calls to lawmakers and written nearly 15,000 letters to make it clear that we will not rest until our Constitution is protected and all Hoosiers are protected under it.

"We will continue our efforts and hope that we can stop this amendment sooner rather than later to protect Hoosier families and make it clear that our state is a welcoming place."


Jackie Simmons
Indiana University
General Counsel

Karen Vaughn-Kajmowicz

Marya Rose
Cummins Inc.
Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Matthew Myer Boulton
Christian Theological Seminary

John Thompson
Chairman and CEO, First Electric Supply

Kody Tinnel
Fort Wayne

Stephen F. Fry
Eli Lilly & Company
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity

Larry Gigerich
Ginovus LLC

Peter Rusthoven
Former Associate Counsel to President Ronald Reagan
Barnes & Thornburg

Jeremy Wentzel

Religious and business leaders provided some pretty powerful testimony, which generated quite a bit of reaction from protestors assembled in the hallways.

Freedom Indiana is also holding a rally tonight, just in time for the start of local newscasts:

Monday, January 13, 2014
6 p.m.
Indianapolis Artsgarden
110 West Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Advance America, who've purchased ad time in support of the amendment, have posted the following on their site:

The 2014 General Assembly must pass the Marriage Protection Amendment HJR 3 - as is - so the citizens can vote on November 4. 2014 to stop homosexual marriages! (HJR 6 is the previous name)

Contact your State Representative and State Senator in person, by phone, or by email as soon as possible with the following message:

"I deserve the right to be able to vote on November 4, 2014 to protect marriage between one man and one woman! Will you Vote Yes on the Marriage Protection Amendment HJR 3 - as is - in the 2014 General Assembly so I will have the opportunity to vote November 4, 2014 to protect marriage between one man and one woman? Please let me know within the next week how you will vote."

This report from the Indianapolis Star outlines the position of those in favor of HJR 3:

"Trust the people of Indiana to make the right decision," said Eric Miller, founder of Advance America.

Ryan Anderson, a fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, argued that the amendment had important benefits for public policy.

Redefining marriage orients it "away from the needs of children and toward the desires of adults."

Several of those who testified objected on religious grounds.

Glenn Tebbe, executive director of the Indiana Catholic Conference, announced the church's support for the amendment for the first time.

"It's not in the power of either the church or the state to redefine marriage, as God is its author," he said.



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