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Honoring the dead, El Dia de los Muertos-style



The annual El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Altar Exhibition is a traditional Mexican family holiday wherein altars to the dead are created in an effort to lure those deceased loved ones back for the day. Sound creepy? Hardly. It's a way to remember those who have passed, through the artful, reverent arrangement of objects associated with those loved ones.

The Indianapolis Arts Center is announcing a call for 20 such Day of the Dead altars, and everyone is invited — schools, artists, community centers — to submit proposals for creating these altars, which are customarily comprised of the loved one’s favorite items, food, toys and photos.

Submission are due by Sept. 3, and forms, guidelines for creating altars, and information about El Dia de los Muertos can be found at

The 11th Annual El Dia de los Muertos Altar Exhibition will be held at the IAC in Broad Ripple, Oct. 8 through Nov. 28.

Contact Patrick Flaherty, Exhibitions Associate, with questions (317) 255-2464 ext. 238 or


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