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HotChaCha opens for We Are Hex




Most people at Radio Radio Saturday night were there to celebrate the highly-anticipated CD release of Indy’s own We Are Hex. What most of them didn’t know was that they’d first be getting ruffed up by the all-girl Cleveland four-piece HotChaCha.

“Alright,” vocalist Jovana Batkovic warned the population inside the small Fountain Square club. “You can all pretend like this is a bar mitzvah and just stay back there sitting in your seats… Or you can get up here and jump around like you’re at a rock show.” She paused and looked around questioningly at the crowd and added “…cause that’s what’s going on.”

Batkovic was dressed in skin-tight, black hotpants and a snazzy hand-bleached We Are Hex t-shirt. Her long, greasy hair covered heavily painted eyes. Moments into the set she ripped off the t-shirt, revealing a black lace bra that would provide her top half's only cover for the duration of the set.

Two songs in, Batkovic - determined to rile the audience - pulled fellow female rockers Tasha Blackman and Lindsay Manfredi of Neon Love Life on stage to show the crowd that it's okay to shake it. Batkovic jumped off of the stage several times to target on-lookers with swinging hips and a mischievous, flirtatious stare. One song was dedicated to resident photographer GregTheMayor; he absorbed the music from a stool placed center stage as Batkovic wrapped her arms around him and sang with her face inches from his.

Batkovic fronts the band for obvious reasons; her stage presence is seductive, entrancing, and gripping. The remaining members of HotChaCha are exponentially more reserved, channeling all energy to their instruments. Together, the band creates gloomy, fast paced, hardcore rock’n’roll.

A recent Musical Family Tree interview with We Are Hex front woman Jilly Weiss suggests Indianapolis will be seeing more of HotChaCha in the near future; the lovely ladies return to perform at The Melody Inn Sept. 12.


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