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I miss "the Murph"...



I must admit to being a huge Prizzy Prizzy Please fan. I love their live show and I am blown away by their new record Chroma Cannon. Even though they moved to Chicago last lear, I’m still proud of them as an Indiana band. All the members grew up in Indiana and their (good) reputation was built during their years in Bloomington.

For their Chroma Cannon release show, the band had a huge debutant party planned at the Murphy Building in Fountain Square. Originally slotted to be in the Big Car Gallery, the show was moved to the Studio 8 space which had been used for hardcore shows up until a few months ago.

The Murph: Remember when Bane played here?
  • The "Murph": Remember when Bane played here?

The show was going to be a fantastic spectacle that would feature not only Prizzy Prizzy Please at their nuttiest, but also Totally Michael, Stardeath and White Dwarfs and Abner Trio. Other treats, including a “beer garden” (not bad for an all-ages show!) were also being organized for the show as well.

A few weeks ago, when promoters Dan Fahrner (of Transpanther Group) and Karl Hofstetter (of Joyful Noise Records), they found that the Studio 8 space was in shambles. The stage that had been built by the previous operator of the space (hardcore head honcho Joe Adams) had been completely removed by the owner of the building. Also, a wall in the studio had been removed, turning the space from a 200+ venue into a cavernous hall.

Luckily for Fahrner and Hofstetter (and Prizzy fans), the show was able to be relocated to Radio Radio, right across the street. While the show was saved, the fact remains that the Studio 8 space may possibly never be used for shows again. This is especially sad considering the lack of all-ages venues in the city. Let’s just hope that the owners realize what a cool space they have for all-ages shows and get the space up-and-running again soon.

Prizzy Prizzy Please: Not so sure about Bob...
  • Prizzy Prizzy Please: Not so sure about "Bob"...


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