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Icy treats in Indianapolis

Options for any type of cool delight you may want to try


Enjoying a Nicey Treat on a warm summers day. - JOEY SMITH
  • Joey Smith
  • Enjoying a Nicey Treat on a warm summers day.
Summer is a wonderful time of year, but 91 degrees in Indiana is a bit ridiculous, I mean, seriously, can we cool it down a bit? In the words of another newsman, Ron Burgundy, “It’s so damn hot!” The good news is some wonderful human beings created a number of frozen treats for us to enjoy when the world just gets a wee bit overheated.

Nicey Treat
You thought this list was going to be just ice cream, didn’t you? I assure you, while there will be ice cream here, these popsicles are some of the best and most flavorful frozen treats you can find in the city. The mad geniuses at Nicey Treat have crazy flavor offerings like mojito and grapefruit lavender. But don’t worry; if you’re not adventurous, they also carry staple flavors like orange, lime, and chocolate.
916 E. Westfield Blvd., 317-602-6423; 655 Virginia Ave.;

Café Nonna
It’s all about that gelato. If you ever want to feel like you’ve stepped into an Italian café this is the place. There is nothing better than sipping on a hot espresso while cooling off with a cold, creamy cup of gelato. Well, one thing is better. If you take that espresso and pour it over the gelato, then you have affogato. And there’s nothing better than that.
629 Virginia Ave.; 317-986-6904;

Lick Ice Cream
The people at Lick are talented at making ice cream and balancing acts. - LICK ICE CREAM
  • Lick Ice Cream
  • The people at Lick are talented at making ice cream and balancing acts.
You’ve never had ice cream quite like this. Not only is the texture phenomenal, but the flavors are some of the most intriguing options you’ll ever see. Tequila Lime Zest? Yeah, they’ve got it. Cantaloupe and Mint? Mmmhm. Cedar & Whiskey? Oh yeah, they’ve got that too. So stop asking and get over there and start eating some ice cream.
125 E. Brookside Ave. C-7B; 317-979-0237;

This Village spot is perfect for when you grow tired of running along the Monon. Who doesn’t get bored with running? This is your perfect stop, I mean you didn’t run all those miles to not stop and get some ice cream. Did you? BRICS is a perfect post-run cool down, or even if you didn’t run one bit, you can still enjoy a cup of ice cream. Don’t eat dairy? Don’t worry, they have vegan options here, too.
901 E. 64th St.; 317-257-5757;

Sno Zone
With so many flavors, why not try multiple. - SNO ZONE
  • Sno Zone
  • With so many flavors, why not try multiple.
Flavored syrups over shaved ice? Yes, please. It’s an age-old tradition, one that brings back memories of playing baseball and getting participation tickets for one sno-cone. (Those were the days.) They never had my favorite flavor, banana. But this majestic little box in a parking lot does, and they’ll have your favorite flavor too. Don’t worry about all the bees, they’re just as excited about these sno-cones as you should be.
924 Westfield Blvd.

Mrs. Curl
There’s a reason for the long lines, it’s that soft serve ice cream. Mrs. Curl’s is a Southside destination for some of the best ice cream you’ll ever have, especially their razzles. (Think a Blizzard, but way better, like Episode 1 compared to The Empire Strikes Back). Another awesome option here is the flavorburst choices — the cheesecake flavor is pretty much orgasmic.
259 S. Meridian St., Greenwood; 317-882-1031;

[There are literally hundreds of places to get icy treats in the city, this is far from a comprehensive list, but these are definitely a few places that have interesting options.]


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