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In love with Emblem 3


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Is there a truer love than the love that exists between a teenage girl and a cute boy band? Emblem3 was beamed from television screens into the hearts of millions of teens during the 2012 season of The X Factor; they came in fourth on the TV talent show so judge Simon Cowell snapped 'em up for Syco Records. Now the surfy, poppy West Coast trio is all grown up, with a first album and everything, and they've embarking on their first national headlining tour this winter.

We gabbed with Drew Chadwick, who performs as Emblem3 along with brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg, as the guys were driving along the California coast on the way to do some hiking.

On Valentine's Day:

"I think we have a show on Valentine's Day! We need to plan something right now, to do something really special for our fans that day. Maybe we'll just make out with every girl in the audience. Sounds like I need to bring my Chapstick and a pack of gum."

On reading dirty fan fiction about himself written by his fans:

"I've never read a full fan fiction [piece], because they're, like, literally books. But I've read clean ones and I've also read dirty ones. Honestly? It's kind of hot. I'm not going to lie. It's a really interesting situation – I don't think I ever thought I'd be reading something about me, like that, that someone else wrote.

On sneaking around the XFactor:

"I was dating a girl at the time [when Emblem3 was on XFactor] and I'm not allowed to bring her into the mansion. But I brought her into the back and we got on the roof where there was this pool and a cabana up there. We just laid in the cabana and looked out on the city. And then the security guard caught us!"


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