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Indiana Americana: New Jethro Easyfields album



Jethro Easyfields cracks me up. I did a piece on him for NUVO back in early 2009, just after the release of his Elixer album. The Indianapolis singer/songwriter has a slanted, kinda-like-the-Silo's take on his Americana/alt-country. The shit is unique, but familiar. Isn't that what makes great music ? Still, some of it is homemade Wilco-crazy shit. But if you hit the stuff on just the right minute of the right day, Jethro sounds like a cutting edge, Americana Hero musical genius that Levon Helm would call a friend. But it's always a slab of music that's slightly askew.

As are his Facebook postings. Friend him, and join in the fun. Plus he has a new album, Bloodletting, apparently on the way, judging from a Friday night post- reprinted below. Rock on, my brother.


"Jethro Easyfields is making a sequence of mixes of his new album "Bloodletting" on cassette tape...yes a mix tape folks...remember tape? I purchased some old mix tapes from Goodwill that looked in good shape to record over. Although this Sony High Bias UX 90 says "the Kingston Trio" it contained some classical music with a political spoken word over the music about taxes...spooky. Now my tracks have a suspicious ghost underneath the rough mixes. Although I might have kept the "trio" if it existed on there."

Thanks Jethro. Amen, over and out.

Howlin' Mad - live version of Elixer cut


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