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Indiana brewery ranked in "50 Most Underrated Craft Breweries in U.S."

18th Street Brewing gets more accolades


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Paste Magazine
makes lists. They invite breweries to send beer in specific categories for blind tasting and out of many, the choose the top according to what they are looking for. With their recent IPA quest, they were looking for a WOW factor in a very crowded field. Sun King Grapefruit Jungle and Upland Dragonfly IPA made the cut among a long, prestigious list.

Deciding on their own for one among many they seek out as they travel, here’s Paste Magazine on-line for Indiana ’s nominee in a listing of “50 Most Underrated Craft Breweries” in the U.S.A. What follows is verbatim:
18th Street Brewing – Gary, IN

Indiana is a very tough call, as you could call out several breweries as “underrated,” but for significantly different reasons. Sun King does not get the credit it deserves for innovating in barrel-aged (and particularly CANNED barrel-aged beers), and Upland’s sours also deserve more recognition, but we’ve got to go with the northern Indiana upstarts at 18th Street Brewing. Because of their very small production, their beer can only really be found regularly in Indiana, but it’s no exaggeration to say that some of their stand-outs would stand up favorably right next to Three Floyds’ best over in Munster. In fact, they’re very much like Floyds in the sense that they excel in every facet one expects from a modern American craft brewery—hop-forward beer, distinctive stouts, barrel-aged behemoths and sours. They captured our attention in a big way back in January when their Devil’s Spear finished at #4 in our blind-tasting of 35 American barleywines, and we’re certain that the rest of the country will soon find out what Chicago has been learning for the last few years: 18th Street is an outstanding brewery. – Jim Vorel


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