Indiana pinches pennies over STD prevention


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A new study by the American Social Health Association (ASHA) finds Indiana ranks near the bottom in STD education and prevention.

According to ASHA, Indiana ranks 42 out of 50 states with a $0.02 per capita investment in STD prevention. This is compared with the $9.72 per capita investment that Indiana makes for public health overall, a ranking of 49 out of 50 states. Clearly, we're all about being healthy here in the heartland.

The significance of the low-spending is the evidence that states are losing money in the long run because they are not investing in prevention.

In 2006, the U.S. spent $773.68 in treatment costs for every reported case of an STD.

This is in contrast to the $0.83 per capita investment in STD prevention.

Of course, something other than abstinence-only education might help lower the STD rate. But then that would mean state lawmakers would have to give public school teachers the ability to teach talking points other than "just say no."

The report as well as individual state profiles can be found on the website of the American Social Health Association at



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