Indiana reports 13 more cases of swine flu


The Indiana State Department of Health today reports a total of 283 confirmed cases of swine flue, also known as the H1N1 flu, up from 270 cases last week. Of those, 107 are reported in Marion County.

While forty of those cases have required hospitalization, only one death has been reported thus far in Indiana. State Health Commissioner Judy Monroe, M.D. reported Friday, July 10, that a 19-year old male died July 5 in a Dearborn County hospital. The victim's sister, who is also suffering from complications from the virus, remains hospitalized. Since the H1N1 virus was first identified in April.

"Whether or not there is a confirmed case of pandemic H1N1 flu in your county, it is important for every Hoosier to take seriously the possibility H1N1 or another flu virus may cause severe illness in the next flu season," said State Health Commissioner Judy Monroe, M.D.

"Each of us can make a difference," said Dr. Monroe. "I urge every resident to be aware, plan ahead, and share with others what you have learned about preventing the flu, including the three 'C's: Clean your hands frequently, Cover your cough and sneeze, and Contain your germs by staying home if you are sick. I also strongly recommend talking to your health care provider about getting a flu shot this Fall and pay close attention to public health messages about vaccine availability for the pandemic H1N1 influenza."

Beginning next week, the Indiana Department of Health will no longer report cases on a county-by-county basis. Instead, only the cumulative number of cases will be announced.

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