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Indianapolis pizza style guide: Gourmet and Neapolitan


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The team behind Pizzology (a.k.a. the study of pizza) has found exactly what makes a great pizza, and it’s a simple answer that will take any cuisine and make it great. They know “better food comes from better sources.” The ingredients on the pizzas here are chosen with care; they come from small local farms here in our state, where the plants and animals are treated with integrity. So, whether you’re getting something simple like a Margherita or stepping out and trying a signature option like a Culatello with white grape, fennel, Smoking Goose culatello (the king of all salumis) and basil, you can feel good knowing that this pizza is a pizza of principle.
Mass Ave. | Carmel 

Back to our regularly scheduled style guide, which runs in full tomorrow:

Definition: This is the newest of the styles and it’s is not always easily recognizable. The most defining factor is the use of “fancy” toppings. While these places will always offer the classics, you’re doing it wrong if you’re not trying the pies that offer options like shrimp bisque, kimchi or ‘Nduja. While you may not know what all of the names mean, there is a good chance that if you branch out, you just may find something you love.

  • Bazbeaux
The original Indy place to get an out-of-the-box pizza, Bazbeaux is named after a jester who used his creativity and whimsy to create new dishes in Medici-era Florence, and that is how this pizza place looks at pizza. Their pies may sound a little out there at times, but as they have proven time and time again, their creative outlook leads to some of the best and most-loved pizzas in the city.
Downtown | Broad Ripple | Allisonville | Carmel

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Fast doesn’t have to mean lower quality. And Coalition is fast. Owners are also pretty into not having to share pizza, and that’s two philosophies I can get behind. Nothing is worse than having to give up your pizza dreams of taking your palate on a new tastecation just because the majority of the group wants to play it safe — at Coalition, that won’t be happening. With 12 different offerings of fast-cooked pizza with high-quality toppings, all at 11 inches, there is no stopping you from finding and devouring the pizza you crave. Or two. Or three.

  • Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza
Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza
They call their pizza “Indianapolis pizza” and that’s what it is. You won’t find it anywhere else. While they’re known for their aptly named Slaughterhouse Five pizza (soooo much meat) and the cheesiest of cheese pizzas, the Cheese Louise, Jockamo’s has options that I’ve never seen elsewhere, like the Korean-influenced Seoul Man with Korean BBQ sauce, kimchi, carrots, green onion and a choice of meat or The Bollywood topped with housemade spicy masala sauce, chicken, green onion, peppadew peppers, fresh garlic, goat cheese and finished with toasted coconut. It’s hard to pinpoint what makes this place stand out. Maybe because it’s not just one straightforward, obvious answer; maybe it’s just simply well-made pizza. But most likely it’s because it’s hard to say anything when your mouth is full of delicious pizza.
Irvington | Greenwood | Lawrence

Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub
It’s all about the wood-fired oven that gives the crust a flavor unlike any other gourmet pizza. And as much as some wet blankets may tout that the crust is the worst part, this pizza will stuff their misled thoughts back into their head, right through their mouth. Add to that perfectly charred crust layers of choice toppings, like mushroom truffle spread, goat cheese, and fresh basil and you have a thing of wonder. P.S.: Rockstone is owned by the same people as Big Lug, so that means you can get house-made brews to accompany your pizza pies.
Nora | Fishers | Downtown

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Definition: The original. The Godfather of pizzas. The Neapolitan is a simple style of pizza with hand-formed dough — get that rolling pin outta here — and minimal ingredients. It is the most similar to what you would get in Italy, but, as with all things, we have Americanized it in a few ways. Namely, we have added different toppings than the classic, which is simply crust, mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes and if you’re feeling “pazzo,” some fresh basil. But, when has being inventive ever been a bad thing?

  • Diavola
The first time you order pizza here, you may get confused. That’s because your pizza can be ready in 90 seconds. Yes, the people at Diavola have the only Marra Forni oven in the state and with its excessively high temperature it can get a perfectly charred crust in under two minutes. They also rely on fresh ingredients and keep their recipes rather authentic in order to ensure that we get a pizza unlike any other outside of Naples.

Part of the Patachou family, this pizzeria is hard to place in the right category. But, much like the Sorting Hat with Harry Potter, I let them choose their own “house,” which they did with their name. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and some of the most creative and intriguing options for toppings, the team behind Napolese has deemed their pizzas “artisanal pizzas” — and who am I to disagree?
Downtown | Meridian Kessler | Keystone


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