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Indianapolis pizza style guide: New York, St. Louis and Tavern


  • Bella Pizzeria
New York-Style
Definition: Thin, cut into triangles and meant to be folded in half, creating a yummy grease tunnel. This is possibly the pizza we’ve all seen the most of. This is the style Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo would nosh on to fuel their Ninja skills; Tim Curry delivered this to Kevin McCallister while he lived in the lap of luxury while lost in New York; and Joey Tribianni ordered two of these more times than we can count, and he didn’t share any with his Friends.There’s no doubt New York-style is the celebrity of all pizza styles, and I think it’s high time you get out there and see why.

Bella Pizzeria
This small local chain specializes in New York-style pizza, and they’re proud of it. Their crowning achievement is The Big Bella, a monster of a pizza at 30”. It’s the perfect size to feed everyone at your party. Or a small bear. With simple offerings done well, Bella Pizzeria lives up to its name by making a beautiful pizza pie.
Keystone | Carmel | Noblesville

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Giorgio’s Pizza
This place even looks like a New York-style pizzeria. Situated just off the Circle it is a favorite for people of all walks of life Downtown and is usually packed during lunchtime. Opened in 1990 by Neapolitan immigrant Giorgio Migliaccio, the place serves up two styles, New York Neapolitan (New York-style) and the thicker Sicilian-style. Though they only have a few options, they do them to perfection.

St. Louis-Style
Definition: St. Louis-style is similar to many of the other thin crust pizzas, though it may be the absolute thinnest. This pie has a singular aspect of using unleavened dough for its crust. It’s a rare style to come across anywhere outside of Nelly’s hometown, but one place in Indy serves it up ‘til 3 a.m every day of the week.

  • Brass Ring
The Brass Ring Lounge
You know what this pizza is all about. It’s thin and crispy and served into the wee hours of the morning along with cocktails and beer. A Jesse Lee Rockstar Pizza is the perfect way to end an evening in Fountain Square — unless of course you’re vegetarian, in which case, you gotta go for that Garden Pizza.
Fountain Square

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Tavern Style
Definition: It’s all in the name, it’s a style you would typically get in a tavern. It is similar to Midwest and New York, but the biggest difference is the pieces are cut into squares and the crust is thin and crunchy. Many places have this on their menus as a side note or a quick easy option, but a few places do it really well and for that we should be excited.

  • Pizza King
Pizza King
“If you’re a newbie, go for the royal feast,” Will McCarty, NUVO’s Senior Designer and self-proclaimed Pizza King ultra lover says. “I’ve been all over the place and Pizza King is the best pizza ever!” We’ll take it from him. Their pies are thin and cut bite-size, and the toppings are chopped up small and go all the way to the edge. Pizza King: Perfect for those of us that don’t like crust.
Various Locations

The Dugout
Here’s your chance to get tavern pizza in a tavern. Dugout is a little hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar that serves cold beer, but they also happen to make pretty damn good pizza. It’s another place that keeps things simple. But as you’ll see here simplicity can be a beautiful thing when done correctly.
Fletcher Place


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