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Indiana’s new congressional delegation

Two new legislators will step into Congress


Todd Rokita
  • Todd Rokita

The number of Republicans vs. Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives will not change. Seven Republicans and Two Democrats will continue to speak for Hoosiers on Capital.

However, there will be two new faces. “Tennessee” Trey Hollingsworth will take the reigns from Todd Young in District 9 as Young jumps to the U.S. Senate. State Representative Jim Banks (R-Columbia City) replaces Marlin Stutzman who vacated the seat to run for U.S. Senate, only to lose in the primary to Young.

District 1
Peter Visclosky – D (82%) - Incumbent
Donna Dunn – L (18%)

District 2
Jackie Walorski – R (59%) - Incumbent
Lynn Coleman – D (37%)
Ron Cenkush – L (4%)

District 3
Jim Banks – R (70%)
Tommy Schrader – D (23%)
Pepper Snyder – L (7%)

District 4
Todd Rokita – R (65%) - Incumbent
John Dale – D (30%)
Steven Mayoras – L (5%)

Rokita’s official statement - “I am humbled and honored by the continued support of so many voters in the Fourth Congressional District. The highest honor of my life has been serving and fighting for all Hoosiers so they can build better lives for themselves and their families. I will continue to represent all Hoosiers in my district, whether they voted for me or not. I will also continue to bring Hoosier reforms to Washington D.C., focusing on fixing America’s debt crisis through common-sense changes to all parts of the federal government.”

District 5
Susan Brooks – R (61%) - Incumbent
Angela Demaree – D (34%)
Matthew Wittlief – L (4%)

District 6
Luke Messer – R (69%) - Incumbent
Barry Welsh – D (27%)
Rich Turvey – L (4%)

District 7
Andre Carson – D (60%) - Incumbent
Catherine Ping – R (36%)
Drew Thompson – L (4%)

Carson said: “We once, as a party, elected Barack Obama to be president. If you love serving people, don’t give up on the democratic party. Understand that we are the party of service. We are the party that gave America the affordable care act. We are the party that, regardless of naysayers, is diverse with a commitment of public service. We are committed to service and justice. Don’t you give up tonight, democrats. We have to fight the fight. I am proud to be your servant.”

District 8
Larry Bucshon – R (64%) - Incumbent
Ron Drake – D (32%)
Andrew Horning – L (5%)

District 9
Trey Hollingsworth – R (54%)
Shelli Yoder – D (40%)
Russell Brooksbank – L (5%)

Via Twitter, Hollingsworth says: “Thank you for your support, your trust, and your vote. Now our real work begins. I look forward to going to work for Hoosier families!”



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