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Indy brews and beer news: Upland's Secret Barrel Society


Homebrew News

Great Fermentations invites, “Let the White Knight in shining armor come and save your taste buds from boredom. Our newest Brewer's Reserve beer kit has the base and hop schedule of an IPA but is brewed using a Belgian Wit Yeast strain. Brewer’s Reserve joins GF’s roster of homebrew kits including: Everyday Frenchman Table Saison, Punk’d IPA Brew Dog Clone, Tidal Shout Brew Dog Clone, Amarillo Face Wheat. “Vienna by Way of Mexico” is the new month of May homebrew 5.5 gal. recipe available at Great Fermentations and at:

New Brews

Oaken Barrel's 20th anniversary glasses.
  • Oaken Barrel's 20th anniversary glasses.
Oaken Barrel now has Firemen’s Lager and Meridian Street Lager on tap. Coming up “a large batch of the very popular Grapefruit Shandy,” says owner Kwang Casey who invites us to “look for Oaken Barrel at Greenwood’s Summer Concert Series with their special “Concert Series Ale” available only at Craig Park. With part of the proceeds going to fund the Greenwood Park’s Department, it is an awesome way to support a great local cause.”

Chilly Water reports, “Rust Never Sleeps Amber, Domino Irish Stout and Moonlight Sonata Vienna Lager will be tapped in the next few weeks. Our new food menu kicks off this week which will include a Dagwood sandwich, a couple of wraps and a pulled chicken bbq sandwich. Also look for a starter platter of chips, salsa and guacamole. For your sweet tooth we continue to come up with new Skip's Balls like a Butterfinger version along with an M & M style. We continue to bring really solid music acts to CW. We are dedicated to the art of live music and really encourage everyone to get out somewhere and experience more of it. One great opportunity is the Virginia Avenue Folk Festival on May 14th where you can see a ton of great music up and down the avenue.”


announced release of four Secret Barrel Society exclusives in The Spontaneous Project. Here’s their release: “In The Spontaneous Project, we have barrel aged beer with select naturally occurring local microflora, collected from some of our favorite remote places in Monroe County in the spring of 2015. Quarry: The results of fermentation with agents collected from the Woolery Mill in Bloomington. This straw colored sour ale has aromas of strawberry lemonade and wild yeast character. Dry, tart, and cider flavors with hints of tropical fruits. Sky: The results of fermentation with agents collected at The Scenic View Property above Lake Monroe. Barnyard aromas and slight fresh leather around a sour nose. Earthy and fruity flavors, with a dry and tart finish. Forest: The results of fermentation with agents collected from the Hickory Ridge Tower, the last fire tower in the Hoosier National Forest. Perry aromas with hints of barnyard. Cidery flavors with a crisp lactic tartness. Creek: This bottle holds the results of fermentation with agents collected along the bank of Bean Blossom Creek. Tropical fruits and wild yeast aromas. Lemon and white wine flavors with dry tart finish.”

These beers fit nicely into the Indiana Humanities INConversation Project, for which Upland is the Indiana craft brewery sponsor. Learn more at:

Another Upland Secret Barrel Society Exclusive: A Barrel Named Phyllis. Phyllis is a very special barrel in our sour program, donated to us by our friends at Oliver Winery. The second batch in Phyllis is a blend of our foundational beer, Basis, and our dark wild ale, Darken, aged on black currants and espresso. Enjoy rich coffee notes from course ground espresso melded with juicy fruit flavors and a pronounced pucker from the blend of sour beers.

Upland Fruited Lambics explained- Lambics have been made in Belgium for over 500 years, and we're honoring this tradition by brewing our own Indiana version. Upland lambic-style sour ales are fermented by wild yeast and aged in oak casks for over a year which creates a tart, complex beer. We then add whole berries, giving the beer enticing aromas and flavors. Once the fruit has been added, the beer is bottle conditioned, which adds a zesty and refreshing carbonation. Upland lambic-style sour ales are the perfect drink to share with friends over a plate of good cheese and fresh fruit. Peach is a Secret Barrel Society exclusive in the May release. Pawpaw: Asiminia triloba, or Pawpaw, is the largest fruit bearing plant native to North America. Due to the lack of commercial cultivation and the quick perishable nature of the fruit, this highly prized forageable finds its way into regional dishes throughout the United States. Although known by many names, we proudly incorporated the Indiana Banana into our family of sour ales. This golden sour ale was created by aging Sour Reserve on fresh Pawpaw fruit from Indiana. Expect a flavor of soft tropical fruits with mild lactic acid tanginess. We recommend rosemary rubbed pork chops and dark chocolate to join this beer with other fellow dining companions.

And an Upland general release: “Easy to fall in love with, but with feistiness to spare, Marion the Agrarian isn’t quite your typical farmer, and the beer we named after her isn’t quite your typical Farmhouse Ale, either. Dry-Hopped with mosaic and mandarina bavaria hops, and sweetened with locally-sourced honey, this brew is approachable and refreshing, but with a kick that can sneak up on you–much like Marion herself.”


May 13: Pints F.O.R. Riley Patients, starting at 4:30 p.m. Wind down after your work week with Friends of Riley! Drink a few pints to benefit patients and families of Riley. For every pint purchased on Friday, Flat12 will generously donate $1 to Friends of Riley to support the Child Life Program at Riley Hospital for Children.

May 14: Rock the Junction from 3-7 p.m. “Westfield’s first major beer event” co-hosted by IndianaOnTap. More information & tickets.

May 17: The Mass Avenue Pub, Crayons and Craft Beer fund-raising events starts at 5:30 p.m. All you have to do is show up, sip a brew, pick up a crayon, and color your worries away, according to the news release. Mass Ave Pub will donate $1 of each pint sold to benefit IPS Center for Inquiry at IPS School #70.

May 19: At 6:30 p.m. the Fashion in Bloom: Garden Fasion Show starts at Allisonville Nursery. Register online at

May 28: Indiana City's 3rd Anniversary ‘day before the Indianapolis 500’ Party; starts at 2 p.m.

Upcoming Statewide Festivals

June 11: Baseball, Brews & Blues at the US Steel Yard in Gary.

Sept. 24: Valpo Brewfest 

Oct. 15: Munster AleFest


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