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Indy Eleven supporters group building a stronger community



Indy Eleven supporters are a tight-knit community. Go to a home match and sit in the Brickyard Battalion and you'll quickly realize this to be true.

Slaughterhouse-19, a supporters group under the Brickyard Battalion umbrella is looking to give more Hoosiers an opportunity to experience that community.

Last week, the small yet enthusiastic group began a GoFundMe page called "Indy For Everyone" with the goal of raising $500 for four season tickets. Indy Eleven agreed to match each ticket the group was able to raise money for.

"The common phrase amongst supporters is Indy Forever, and we wanted to expand the joy that Eleven brings us to more people," Slaughterhouse-19 co-founder Peter Evans said.

The tickets will be donated to groups of people "who could use a night away from their troubles, or to those that would love a new community to welcome them in an unfamiliar place."

Evans said the group is currently taking suggestions on Indianapolis organizations that would be ideal to partner with for this initiative.

Within four hours the page received more than $1,000 in donations — funding 14 tickets after the club's match.

"It’s been amazing that people see this as a valuable thing for the community," said Evans. "We’re overjoyed that we’re at this point."

Any additional funds generated from the page will be used to offset parking fees and provide attendees with a scarf.

It's nice to see members of the soccer community come together to give more people the chance to experience a match.

Indy Eleven kick off the 2017 regular season on March 25 when they travel to California to take on expansion side San Francisco Deltas. Their first home match of the season is scheduled for April 1.


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