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Joshua Hull has long been finding ways to fit his filmmaking dreams into his day job.

In 2010, he collaborated with co-workers at Texas Roadhouse on his first feature film — a zombie comedy called Beverly Lane, which garnered fans from horror conventions around the state as well as a positive review from famed film website, Ain’t It Cool News.

This week, Hull shared his second film, The Impersonators, with co-workers from his new job at the recently opened Redemption Alewerks on 96th St. in Fishers. This screening is the beginning of a weekly cinematic event at the restaurant — Movie Mondays. 

“Everyone over there sort of stumbled onto the fact that I’m a filmmaker,” Hull said. “Our brewmaster approached me about screening some of my flicks and after a while we decided to just screen all sorts of movies every Monday night. We thought it would be a cool thing for people to kick off the week with. Come watch a movie and eat and drink stuff inspired by that film.”


For the first Movie Monday event, the Redemption crew found much inspiration in the characters from Hull’s sophomore effort, creating vibrant drinks and dishes that resembled the film’s colorful team of birthday party superhero impersonators. The cocktails glowed with the hue of the characters’ costumes.

This is just one of the many clever ways Hull has marketed the film. Complete with comic-book style posters and a line of action figures, The Impersonators has the promotional panache of a major studio superhero film.

After playing to packed houses at the Hamilton 16 theater in Noblesville and the St. Louis International Film Festival, the film won over customers and employees alike at Redemption Alewerks.

“A lot of people got to see the film for the first time, including the majority of the Redemption team so that was a little nerveracking. Luckily, everyone seemed to really enjoy the movie,” Hull said. 

Movie Mondays will return on Feb. 23 with the cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite. "Come for the Ligers and leave pocket room for tater tots," Hull said. 


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