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Indy hip-hop on the road again


From 'Can We Get A Jump,' available tomorrow only at General Public Collective - GENERAL PUBLIC COLLECTIVE FACEBOOK
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  • From 'Can We Get A Jump,' available tomorrow only at General Public Collective

First it was: Blvck. Stamps. Bunz. Jones. Granite. D.

This time: Blvck. Stamps. Bunz. Jones. Granite. Lex. Tubbs. Caldwell.

That's what happens with a successful tour -- it grows. And the Ghost Gun Summer tour is definitely growing. Five Indianapolis rappers (Sirius Blvck, John Stamps, Oreo Jones, Grey Granite, Freddie Bunz) will once again take their game on the road, starting with a kickoff at General Public Collective on Thursday.

Their previous tour, which criss-crossed most of the Midwest and South this spring, was with (noted tour monster) Andy D. This time, they're heading out solo. Well, not exactly solo — they're bringing Kenton Caldwell, who is taking over merch duty, Jeremy Tubbs, who will cover the tour for Musical Family Tree, and Cool Hand Lex, who will join the tour to DJ the second leg.

"I believe in this group. Each of them, including myself, have devoted their life to this counterculture," says Freddie Bunz, who booked the tour. This is Bunz and Jones' third tour, and the rest's second. "There isn’t a lot of time left for some of us as full time artists. My goal is to still have a hand in it. My main goal is to make Naptown, or Indiana for that matter, a staple for artists of all mediums. I'm just laying the groundwork for what I hope will be an amazing thing for years to come."

The guys have compiled two mixtapes before the tour. Bunz says:

"The first is the Ghost Gun Summer mixtape that we will be taking on tour. It has mostly fresh songs that everyone has put on their most recent projects. It also features never-before-heard tracks from me, Oreo and Sirius. There's a track I did on there with legendary trap producers DMNDZ. I let that go on there since it is going to be physical only and super rare.

"There is a second mixtape (on cassette) that has songs that have most of us have collaborated on. There will only be 25 of those available, and the only way to get it is to buy the zine that we are releasing at the show at General Public this Thursday at 7:30. We have a pretty strong feeling that we will sell out of the books that night, and we think the show to follow the reception is going to be bananas."

That zine he's talking about is major. It's a 112-page perfect bound photography book of shots taken by Oreo Jones and K. Eleanor Bleier on the last tour called Can We Get A Jump. The reception opens at 7:30 and the show will start at 9. And then, Friday, they'll be off (and in a new tour van!).

No Bad Ideas is once again the official tour sponsor. "We are very excited to be able to work with them again," Bunz says. "And I am very thankful to have the opportunity to do some future work with them as soon as I get back."

When they return on August 14, they'll headline the Mousetrap's Altered Thurzdaze. Bunz promises a big announcement when they're back, too.

"My goal in all of this is to keep doing it," Bunz says. "I’m already planning two more tours simultaneously as i am executing this one. I plan to bridge the gap and make hip-hop a local staple, and dead the misconceptions about it locally. If these other cities are treating us like stars, theres no reason why they shouldn’t be doing that here."

Below, music from each of the tourmates:

Here's Sirius Blvck's "Bill Murray," featuring Oreo Jones and John Stamps.

And his excellent release from earlier this year, Year of The Snake.

And here's Grey Granite's "Faces Up," featuring Diop and produced by Harry Otaku. He's in the middle of a massive album release plan over the next several years.

It was almost 11 months ago when Oreo Jones released Highway Hypnosis, his collaborative album with DMA.

John Stamps released Naked Lunch two weeks ago, and celebrated with a show at the Hoosier Dome the next week. Stream all of it below and read MFT's review of it here.

And here's his video for single "46201 317."

And last year's excellent "Vice City."

Freddie Bunz releases music regularly on Soundcloud.

And here's a collaboration between Bunz and C Rayz Walz.

New to the tour is DJ Cool Hand Lex, whose new production project Bangs Nicely has resulted in some blissed-out jams.

And here's their latest schedule:

july 31 indianapolis, in - general public

aug 01 carrolton ga - alley cat

aug 02 panama city, fl - a&m theater

aug 04 st petersburg, fl - bloom

aug 05 st augustine, fl - nobbys

aug 06 charleston, sc - tin roof

aug 07 augusta, ga - soul bar

aug 08 greenville, sc - radio room

aug 09 knoxville, tn - pilot light

aug 14 Indy - mousetrap


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