Indy makes cut; finalist to host World Cup



Mayor Ballard has declared tomorrow, May 14, "Bring the FIFA World Cup to Indianapolis Day," which marks the effort to make Indianapolis the host city for the world's greatest tournament. It also marks the world record for the most awkward naming of a city event.

To sign the petition to bring the World Cup to Indy in either 2018 or 2022, click here

The reality may seem far-fetched, as Indianapolis is a city that seems to care even less about soccer than America as a whole. However, the city was narrowed down as one of 18 finalists, and is the home state of DeMarcus Beasely— one of the national team's strikers.

If Indianapolis has shown nothing else to the world over the last decade, it's that we can do one helluva job hosting major sporting events. See: Final Four, Big Ten Tournament, MLB Winter Meetings, NFL Combine, Superbowl, etc.

It would also give us a reason to fill all those hotels they're building just for the Superbowl over 30% capacity for a second time.

Far fetched as it may be, it would be an unimaginable boost for the city— in reputation, economics and international appeal. We've got the Superbowl, now this will be the next great frontier. This is a great thing, even for Hoosiers who couldn't care less about soccer.

Because I can promise you that if this thing lands at the intersection of South and Capitol, Indiana will fall in love with the sport.

The U.S. official bid process begins tomorrow, at which point the U.S. will present its finalist cities to the FIFA governing body. FIFA then will take 7 months to visit each prospective host site and make their final decision in December for the hosts of the World Cup in both 2018 and 2022.

I just did some horribly depressing math. I really hope this thing doesn't come when I'm 38.


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