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Indy On Deck Kickstarts their documentary vision


Indy On Deck has been putting on a couple of events in town that pitted some of Indiana's best chefs against each other. Grant Michael, a Sysco rep by day, is now moving into a new venture with the company: he's going to film a documentary over six months, committing to tape (er, file?) the goings on of the burgeoning Indy food scene. 

"Someone needs to document these next five years," he said when discussing the project. While Michael has had the idea percolating for a while, it came to full fruition after seeing videographer Heather Brogden's footage of one of the events. And he's doing it all himself, putting to use some dormant video skills of his own. 

Michael's goal is to throw a ticketed release party and show the finished product in about six or eight months, and all he needs now is help with buying a camera. We'd love to see Indy's food scene on the big screen with the length and time needed to show the diversity, history and growth. Want to help? You can toss Michael a couple of bucks to buy the equipment he needs to get it done over on their Kickstarter page. 


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