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Indy restaurant owners to RFRA: LOL wat no


If there is one redundant phrase in the vernacular, its "Hoosier hospitality." That's like saying "cozy microfleece" or "handsome Jon Hamm." One of the words negates the necessity of the other word. Gathering around the table with friends is at the heart of the food and beverage business, and you don't get into it unless you genuinely enjoy helping other people have a good time. 

Which is why, when Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, the overwhelming response from many local bars and restaurants fell somewhere between, "Um, no" and "Go fuck yourself." On social media, many owners and industry insiders feel like this legislation guts all the work they've put into making our dining scene as open and inviting as it possibly can be. Here are some of our favorite responses to RFRA: 

Martha Hoover has posted a concise message on all her storefronts: no discrimination here. 

Your girls at Just Pop In! paid it forward with cards from Circle City Creations. 

Ain't nothing gonna hold us down. #ProudlyServingEveryone

A photo posted by Thunderbird (@thunderbirdindy) on

We particularly enjoyed Thunderbird's take on it. 


A photo posted by Mesh (@meshonmass) on

And Mesh on Mass went with the classic Open For Service sticker, which, as we've pointed out here, has taken off like wildfire. 

But this is our favorite, from the fine folks over at Milktooth:

Hey Mikey, we like each other around here, and the only people our restaurants intend on keeping out is people who voted yes on the bill and people who signed it (in a closed ceremony surrounded, no shit, by actual nuns). 


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