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#IndyFood Roundup: Bee's new roaster, Milktooth's carpaccio, Ezra's raw cinnamon rolls, J. Brookinz's breakfast and more


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If you haven't heard, the fine folks at Bee Coffee Roasters need more roasting power! They're looking to you, their fans, to help them grow. Bonus: this amazing piece of beautiful bean footage, via barista Ross Bemis: 

You can get a little of Bemis's latte art at Milktooth, where chef/owner Jonathan Brooks is putting out this kind of fire:

Shredded beef carpaccio, radishes, caviar butter, fried bread #milktoothindy

A photo posted by Jon Brooks (@thebeastgodforgot) on

If you're looking for something a little less fancy, there's a great-looking new taco truck on the move in Indianapolis. The Asian-fusion tacos have already been selling out. Check them out on Instagram to see where they'll be serving. 

If you need some holiday baking inspiration, I highly suggest following Hattie McDaniel, pastry chef at Peterson's in Fishers. You might even pick up a pie tip or two. If not, just gaze upon the lovely desserts: 

Meanwhile, over at Triton Brewing, they're putting together an interesting flavor profile with some south-of-the border flavors.  If you like your local hip-hop with a nice big side of food porn, we have to highly recommend checking out our friend J. Brookinz.  The man not only appreciates a well-constructed beat, but a well-constructed plate. Praise be to the breakfast gods: 

I practically live in this place.

A photo posted by Jay Brookinz (@jbrookinz) on

If you're one of those people desperately clinging to some semblance of health and well-being, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe offers indulgence without all the guilt or sluggishness. 

And if you're going to really lean into it, kick it off classy with Libertine's new persimmon-based libation, The Fall of Winter. Pssst...The Libertine is also home to Woodford Reserve finalist Ryan Puckett, who will also be featured in next week's cocktail issue. 


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