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This Saturday and G9 Collective are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their joining forces. Since the entities merged resources and began producing local EDM events last December, they’ve hosted nationally acclaimed DJ’s Baby Anne, Angel Alanis, Tim Baker, Lady Foursquare, Corduroy Mavericks, Jon Huang, and Mary Jane. Additionally, they’ve assembled their own diverse troop of local talent that includes Psynapse, Kodama, Hollow Point, Brian Summers, Rudy Kizer, Wes Clay, and many others.

After a year of hard work that’s resulted in a myriad of successful events they’re ready to party in honor of this notable milestone. And if anybody knows how to party, it’s certainly these guys. Of course, I might be a little biased -- since I'm lucky enough to work at both NUVO and Check out the lineup and decide for yourself:


Reid Speed
  • Reid Speed

All too aware of dubstep’s continually mounting fan base, Indy Mojo and G9 have chosen California’s Reid Speed to headline this weekend’s rager. Speed currently runs Play Me Records, a leader in dubstep and fidget house, while simultaneously holding down a full production and tour schedule. In an interview with Dubstep Massive Reid states that Play Me Records was “founded to be the panacea to the problems that plague the underground dance music record industry.” She elaborates by stating that too many years of horror stories made her want to do it right: “release dope tunes in a timely fashion, pay artists what they are owed, and give the same chance to the biggest name as to a new kid who hits us up on soundcloud.”

Among the 20+ artists on the infantile label is recently signed Memphis native Cyberoptix, whose grimey production has headlined multiple events in Indy over the last year. This Saturday, expect a heavy dosage of dubstep’s signature wah-wahs driven by drum and bass tempos, which Speed proclaimed her love for in a recent tweet: I thank DRUM & BASS every day for its anti-aging properties. the slower you move.. the faster you die!

Reid Speed's Bass Fueled Mischief Exclusive Promo Mix by Reid Speed


Mike Dearborn
  • Mike Dearborn

Solstice 2 will also feature Chicago techno legend Mike Dearborn making his first Indianapolis appearance since 1999. After an interesting history of problems with “shady Chicago labels” Dearborn’s career saw a boost when he signed to DJAX in 1992. Though his stay with DJAX was relatively short-lived, Dearborn toured heavily throughout Europe and produced numerous singles and EP’s while with the label during the mid 90’s. Shortly after obtaining a degree in communications, Dearborn left DJAX and began producing for his own label companies Majesty and Majik Gruuv. A reviewer on calls Dearborn’s work “classic dry techno” whose “synth themes are simple and rockin”.


With local support from:
Shiva - Techno / Dubstep / Bass Music
From straight up chest rattling bangers to skeletonized exercises in minimal dub to bits and pieces of electro , garage and techno, it's all in the mix.

DJ Shiva - Goodnight Red by djshiva

Psynapse vs. Kodama — Dubstep
Combining their strengths for the first time on four decks, they will form like Voltron and prove worthy of an event of this magnitude.

Compunction by Psynapse

PHASE by Kodama

Additional local support from Johnny Mack, Wes Clay, Defi, and Hollow Point.



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