Indy's first green roof completed



Indys first green roof installation, atop Union Station.

Indianapolis finally has its first green roof installed on city property, Mayor Greg Ballard announced today.

“The newly installed green roof atop Union Station eliminates several long-term maintenance concerns in a visually appealing and innovative way,” said Mayor Ballard in a press release. “This unique project and the community space created by its construction are part of our efforts to become one of the most sustainable cities in the Midwest.”

The area around Union Station had been quite damaged over the years: from standing water on the deck, water leaking onto Meridian Street, and signs of degradation of the structural bridge steel, it was clear something needed to be done. This green roof project led to a new, re-graded surface on the roof which will help prevent all those problems, with a modular green roof to help reduce storm water runoff, and surface to prevent standing water.

While half of the surface is devoted to green roof material, the other half is a concrete deck with benches, picnic tables and umbrellas, giving it a park-like feel for the public. The roof will be maintained organically, meaning that there will be no herbicides or pesticides. It will also be weeded regularly, and will be watered in drought conditions.

A $50,000 dollar grant from Citizens Energy Group helped cover the green infrastructure elements, while the total project cost is closer to $250,000. Local engineering firm RW Armstrong partnered with the City of Indianapolis, and the firm completed a portion of the engineering work and design to help contribute to this project.


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