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Indy's newest brewery nabs silver from North American Brewers Association

Metazoa's Jackaroo is officially an award-winning beer


Metazoa's award-winning Jackaroo - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Metazoa's award-winning Jackaroo
Metazoa’s Jackaroo English-Style Dark Mild Ale earned a Silver Medal at the North American Brewers Association [NABA] Competition on June 3 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Metazoa opened April 1, 2016 at 140 S. College Ave., with a decided specialty for full-flavored low-alcohol beers.

“I started out drinking with English imports, so this is a huge honor for me,” commented head brewer Aaron Koerner. “The Mild style is so unique and I wasn’t seeing too many around, so I just wanted one I could drink all the time, to be honest. Brewing it with Classic English Mild malt was essential and I just wanted to capture the original style as best as I could. The care that has gone into this beer has been a huge part with Tori [Luksha] and Zack [Holzknecht] really showcasing their skills as great brewers as well. I’d hope to see this style pick up some tracking in the future and make way for other little known styles. Already you can go to many Indiana breweries and pick up great Mild Ales, so everyone should get out there and explore.”

“We're so excited for the award, as Jackaroo is a favorite of many of us here. It's certainly my favorite house beer,” said Katie Breden, Metazoa’s communications coordinator. "This is our first national competition award; the first contest we have ever entered."

“In our tap room, Jackaroo is available on both cask and regular draught. Cask beers are served intentionally warmer and less carbonated for a drinking experience that is smoother and accentuates different flavors.”

Jackaroo is 4.4% ABV. Metazoa’s other under 5% ABV beers include: Patagonia 3 Threads Historical British-style Porter at 3.6%, and at 4.7% ABV each: Anonymous Lemur Rye Pale Ale with Mango, Giraffe Dance American Pale Ale and Nap in the Hammock Cream Ale.


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