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Indy's Table: Meet the lovely couple behind the lovely food at Love Handle


In NUVO's newest video series, Indy's Table, we will share the incredible stories of the people who are making Indianapolis a dining destination. The series will showcase their talents, the thought-process behind the products they create (whether it be food and drink or some other facet of culinary culture) and most importantly, share the human side of the industry; the passion, determination and creativity that makes a meal, or drink or object that brings us closer together as a community.

In our second episode we share the story of Chris and Ally Benedyk, the fun and charming couple behind the  biscuits and gravy, pork belly, headcheese eggs, cheesecakes, brownies and more at Love Handle.

Pull up a seat at Indy's Table right here at on the third Thursday of every month.


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