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Instagramer profile: Troy Carpenter

The dad who helped make Igers Indy happen


  • Troy Carpenter

Troy Carpenter twirled a miniature Nalgene bottle between his fingers while keeping a watchful eye on his daughter who was scaling the Holliday Park playground. He was wearing a screen-printed t-shirt with the Instagram logo and the state of Indiana drawn into it. Carpenter is a stay-at-home dad and has been for the last few years. He was a cook at Greg Hardesty's Elements when it was still in existence. After he and his wife had their first child, it was clear that a cook's pay and hours wouldn't cut it.

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"As you can guess the position [now] involves hanging out with kids, not getting adult interaction, boring sorts of days," says Carpenter. "No offense to them. They are great, I love them. But it's like you get to the end of the day and what have I done? Changed diapers and cooked food and went to the mall and pushed a stroller. It was something where at the end of the day I could say 'here's a little interesting picture/artistic sort of thing that I took today.'"

Carpenter joined Instagram in August of 2011. By the end of 2012 he was following people like Andrew Griswold and Joe Magers, to see what other people were shooting around Indy. Griswold posted a simple photo of the ruins at Holliday Park and made a callout inviting anyone who wanted to meet him downtown at the Starbucks on Monument Circle for an afternoon of shooting.

"I am a bit nervous to be honest, about meeting people on the internet," says Carpenter. "I know my wife was. 'They are going to be the Craigslist killer' or something, right."

Carpenter says that ten people showed up to the first meet. He confessed to bringing his eldest daughter Sophia in case he needed an excuse to leave. This first meet went much better than he thought, and has been actively attending ever since. That first meetup that he helped coordinate is the genesis of Igers Indy.


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