When: Tue., May 12, 8 p.m. 2015

We’ll have a full interview with Interpol’s Daniel Kessler online this week, but for now enjoy this little tidbit about the guitarist (who owns a restaurant in “In the last ten years, it seems like I went an entirely different direction. I was just back in Europe just for a handful of days last week. Most people I hung out with are in the restaurant industry or are a chef. I don’t think that’s by design; I think sometimes you go to different spots in your life. I have so many friends that are musicians, dear, dear friends. But it’s nice to venture into new roads and new discoveries. I feel like when I’m having nice conversations with friends of mine who are chefs, we’ll talk about each others’ businesses, and what we do, but a lot of times we’ll talk about other stuff in life. Maybe it’s a pace or a temperament that is applicable, at least with me and people that I’ve encountered, where you have a similar sort of connection. I’m not sure. I don’t even think of them as being chefs at that moment, or being in that trade, as much as these are just friends. ... I think it’s also just the explosion of food culture in general, and restaurant culture. There’s a radio blog show I did when I was out in LA called Food Is The New Rock. There’s probably a little bit something to that in this day and age, right?”

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