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Review: it's a thought: a collaborative drawing project by Adam Wollenberk, Marx Shoemaker, Michael Nannery and Sydney Webb



Four stars

Wake Press and Gallery. Put these four Herron students in a room for four days with paper and mixed media and you get "Put me in Coach." This collaborative drawing on paper, in black & white, almost spans the length of the Wake gallery wall. It's zany and abstract and it engages the eye and the imagination and its title serves as sort of metaphor for what these Herron students and alums are doing in the Wake space across from the burgeoning Murphy Art Center. "We're all printmakers," says gallery owner Sydney Webb, who graduated Herron this year. "That's how we met. That's how we know each other... Drawing is such a primary source for us." So they decided to get down to brass tacks in a 96-hour art binge. In addition to the aforementioned collaborative drawing, each artist composed during this time a solo work that was included in this show. Marx Shoemaker's "Preservatives" is, in his words, "an attempt to describe the way an object inhabits space."Taking charcoal to paper, Shoemaker created a highly textured, multi-shaded visual meditation on a plastic bag that conjures up the most mundane of objects as something multidimensional and interesting. Through Sept. 24; 201-5563,


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