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Indiana University wants to make it crystal-clear that they are in no way associated with a Bloomington-based boycott of Arizona over its new immigration law.

The move comes after city officials — including Bloomington's mayor, city clerk and eight of nine city council members — sent a letter to the governor of Arizona explaining that the city will not be doing any new business or purchasing of goods or services headquartered in Arizona, nor will city employees be traveling to Arizona for conferences or other business-related events.

This morning, officials of Indiana University have released a statement to media outlets emphasizing that they are in no way affiliated with the boycott.

And no wonder.
Yesterday, some media outlets (like the Chicago Tribune) used the university to spice up its story about the boycott.

Not everyone, however.
Jim Shella of WISH-TV gave a good report focused on the city officials and the boycott as part of a larger national chain of events. According to Shella, Bloomington is the first community in Indiana to join a number of cities putting in place Arizona boycotts, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

Here is the statement from IU, in its entirety.

News Release
Friday, June 4, 2010
Indiana University not connected with Arizona boycott

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — There have been incorrect reports in some media today (June 4) suggesting that Indiana University is in some fashion connected with a decision by elected officials of the city of Bloomington to boycott the state of Arizona.

The fact is that Indiana University, its trustees and its administration had absolutely no involvement whatsoever in this municipal action. The action applies only to the city of Bloomington and its municipal enterprises. Indiana University is not a part of city government and is not affected by this action.

Indiana University has contacted media that carried incorrect reports and requested that they be corrected


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