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IUPUI premieres student film



Don't worry - the IUPUI short film that is about to premiere on campus is not your typical student film. The science fiction short, Temporary Separation was made with all the care and attention of a Hollywood feature project.

The semester-long class project came together under the direction of instructor C. Thomas Lewis. Lewis, a film and photography industry veteran whose credits include production of DVD bonus material for the Harry Potter film series, directed the course like a real film production. "The idea was to give students hands-on experience in the filmmaking process, from development through post-production," said Lewis. "To really do that effectively, I wanted to simulate those scenarios student filmmakers are likely to encounter out in the industry."

These scenarios included a "pitch", the best of which was decided by the class. That idea was then turned into a screenplay, which went through five revisions. Students experienced the process of casting, scouting locations, filming and editing.

Created by 21 students, the final product is a 20-minute sci-fi mystery shot in high definition and finished on Blu-Ray with 5.1 sound and special features, including behind-the-scenes footage. It will screen at 5 p.m. on April 27 in "theater" 152 of IUPUI's Informatics and Communications Technology Complex - a 200-seat auditorium with theater-quality projection and sound. The IUPUI and Indianapolis community are invited. There is no cost to attend or ticket required.

So come on down and support this local film. You never know - these students may become the next Spielbergs and Scorseses.


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