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IVCI announces the six laureates


Gold Medalist Jinjoo Cho - DENIS RYAN KELLY JR.
  • Denis Ryan Kelly Jr.
  • Gold Medalist Jinjoo Cho

And here they are, the IVCI's six laureates in the order they were awarded from the jurors:

Jinjoo Cho, 26, S. Korea --gold medalist
Tessa Lark, 25, U.S .--silver medalist
Ji Young Lim, 19, S. Korea --bronze medalist
Dami Kim, 25, S. Korea -- 4th place laureate
Yoo Jin Jang, 23, S. Korea --5th place laureate
Ji Yoon Lee, 22, S. Korea -- 6th place laureate

Based on the principal criterion for excellence I've been propounding on these pages, I would only have reversed the positions of the gold medalist (Cho) and the fifth place laureate (Jang) to be fully content with the juror's rankings.


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