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IVCI wrap-up: Clara Jumi Kang captured first place



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Various venues; Sept. 10-26. In the 2006 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, the 16 semifinalists consisted of 15 women and one man; the man — AugustinHadelich — won the gold. In the IVCI finishing just a few days ago, the six finalists were made up of two females and four males; the two females — Clara-Jumi Kang and Soyoung Yoon — respectively, won the gold and silver. The irony goes a bit further: Since the IVCI started in 1982, this was the second Kang to win the gold medal, out of eight. In 1994 Juliette Kang from Canada won the gold, two of three winners with an Asian heritage (the third being Kyoko Takezawa, originally from Japan, in 1986). In any case it appeared, from an outsider's point of view, that the 2010 IVCI was especially well-run — kudos to Glen Kwok and his expanded IVCI staff. Each of the 40 participants started and ended their preliminary appearances essentially on time, with the same applying to the 16 semifinalists and the six finalists—now "laureates."The live, streaming video/audio was improved considerably over 2006, especially with regard to audio fidelity. Furthermore, the entire competition from the preliminaries to the finals has been archived for viewing at any time. We all can hear our favored players either to confirm or to modify our earlier assessments. As a final reminder, here are the six 2010 IVCI laureates, once again: Gold Medalist: Clara-Jumi Kang; Silver Medalist: Soyoung Yoon; Bronze Medalist: Benjamin Beilman; 4th Place Laureate: HaomingXie; 5th Place Laureate: AntalSzalai; 6th Place Laureate: Andrey Baranov.


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