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J. Brookinz's latest: "The Gateway Drug: THC"



J. Brookinz has picked this most auspicious day to release his latest full-length, The Gateway Drug: THC, which features collaborations between the producer and a bumper crop of Indy emcees. And we've got the first single for you, "I Want Sum," with Oreo Jones providing rhymes and Brookinz on the beats. It's a fun party track, and I giggled at the notion of Martha Washington picking up Funyuns for her incapacitated husband and his friends ("thank heavens for 7-11; she bought munchies for George, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson...the big three was blowing the best tree" ). Plus there's a nice scene of Oreo and his buds heading to Wal-Mart when good and stoned.

"I Want Sum" from The Gateway Drug: THC (Oreo Jones, prod. J. Brookinz):

Meanwhile, one of my fave party songs, "Gimme a Pigfoot," as recorded by Bessie Smith. The "yeahs" on the chorus seem directly voiced by her id. "Gimme reefer and a gang of gin..."


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