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Janet Skinner's "Vibrant Views"



A couple years ago, I visited the IMA and, after walking around a while, found myself sitting in front of a large painting by Seurat. I was absorbing all the details that went into the harbor scene, all too aware of a blazer-clad guard who patrolled the room (lest my grubby fingers try and touch the pointillism, one supposes). Though I'm sure I could have stayed on that bench all day, I eventually moved on, taking my real or imagined cloud of paranoia with me. I like art that makes me think, that makes me want to block out time on my calendar so I can revel in the work being presented. AV Framing Gallery may have afforded me just that opportunity.

Though AV's owner, Sarah Adams, has closed the doors on the gallery's physical location, she is taking her frame shop mobile and her art gallery virtual. The first in what will likely and hopefully be a series of artists' shows is "Vibrant Views," a selection of oil and watercolor paintings by Janet Skinner. The exhibit opened (went live, I suppose) a few days ago and continues through the end of the year. (I like "Bitten," "Hideaway," and "To the Point" the best.) Just as I feel I would miss an actual book in my hands if I had a Kindle, I miss the First Friday sort of feeling with the crush of people holding wine glasses and meandering around a brightly-lit gallery while they take in the art. However, I appreciate the chance to flip back and forth between pictures, admiring details and the artist's color choices, without feeling watched. I hope this venture works out for Adams and artists alike; it's certainly innovative and introduced me to new, affordable work.

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