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Joyful Noise's flexi-disc series


Does everyone have their required Duran Duran flexi-disc?
  • Does everyone have their required Duran Duran flexi-disc?

Indianapolis label Joyful Noise wants you to join their club. Their flexi-disc club, that is. Their monthly flexi-disc subscription will get you an exclusive new release from (drumroll) Of Montreal, Deerhoof, Tortoise, Akron/Family, Lou Barlow, Richard Swift and many more. And (not to be overly sales-pitchy), the subscription is only $4 per month. I don't know about you, but I love getting mail (I even tweet the best things I get in the mail every day). Receiving these flexi-discs in my mailbox would be just delightful.

What is a flexi-disc, you may ask? It is a very thin, flexible vinyl record, manufactured in the pre-CD-R days. They were used for giveaways and often packaged with magazines or books. National Geographic gave a flexi-disc of whale noises away in 1979. The Beatles gave them to their fan club every Christmas. While almost all production of flexi-discs halted in the late '90s, they are recently being produced again. Decibel magazine includes one in their issues. And now, Joyful Noise (no stranger to unorthodox recording formats) is bringing them back.

So, join the JFR Flexi-Disc Series and hear brand-spankin' new tracks from some indie heavy hitters. Be warned:All releases have a strict limit of 500 copies, and these tracks will not be made available digitally.


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