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Kate Lamont's Holiday Show



“What makes this a holiday show?” Kate Lamont asked a moderately-full room as she kicked off her holiday show at White Rabbit Saturday night. “Well… there are lights everywhere. And I also asked a lot of special guests to come perform with me.” Indeed, the entire show was sprinkled with familiar faces that joined Kate on stage in between segments of solos.

The early portion of the show featured Lamont originals that grooved with minimal, selective instrumentation by Devon Ashley on drums. Lamont stood tall and slender behind the mic stand, dressed in an long, iridescent white gown covered by a black sweater. Like her music, Lamont’s style is simple, yet striking; humble, yet beautiful. The captive audience stayed silent as Ashley’s beats drifted and twisted around Lamont's sparse vocals.

Josh Silbert (of Johnny Socko and ESW) was on and off stage with his saxophone throughout the night. LaDonna Goshow joined Lamont to cover “My Favorite Things” and Grover Parido made a brief appearance with his cello. The highlight of the holiday show came when Lamont asked fellow female singer/songwriter Sarah Grain to the stage. Lamont assumed a fake, slightly-hillbilly accent to introduce the segment of songs. “We’re gonna sing a cappella,” she said. “… That means sans instrumentation.” The pair covered, among other songs, the Christmas classic “Carol of the Bells,” which put Lamont on tenor duties while Grain sang soprano. The night ended with a special emcee appearance by DJ Dicky Fox.

And just like that, the holiday show was over before anyone was ready. After two hours of amazing original music and holiday-themed covers, Lamont admitted to the fun that she’d had and thanked her audience for coming. If you missed the show, make sure to be on the lookout for her new album, expected to drop in the spring of 2011.


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