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Kenneth Keener of Punks Don't Give A Fest


Kenneth Keener of Subatomic - SCOTT RAYCHEL

The beauty of being in a local punk scene is that if there is something you want to change or something you want to make happen, you have the power to do it yourself. DIY is a concept as old as punk rock itself. Kenneth Keener knows this all too well, which is why he started Punks Don't Give A Fest, a Hoosier punk summit of Indianapolis punk and hardcore bands in a one-day show filled with circle pits, not spin kicks. Keener, whose own band Subatomic will be playing the show, talks about the inspiration for Punks Don't Give A Fest and the local bands he's currently most excited about.

NUVO: Where did you get the idea for Punks Don't Give A Fest?

KK: I was getting tired of hearing the same old stuff from people "the scene is dead" "the bands that do play are all the same", so I wanted to put on a huge show to prove them wrong, showcasing the vitality and diversity of Indiana and Midwest music that falls under the general term punk.

NUVO: Do you feel like people should still have this complaint one year later?

KK: I don't think that complaint is ever really valid. Bands come and go and your sub-genre of choice might not be as strong as you want it to be, but if your scene isn't what you want - do something about it instead of complaining.

NUVO: What are some of the local bands you're most excited about and why?

KK: Piss Artist deserves all the attention they've been getting, super abrasive hardcore punk and I admire and envy their momentum, that band's got moxie, I tell ya! Chaotic Neutral is somehow like being hit by a train and mauled by a rabid dog at the same time, Rat Storm has changed their sound a bit but is still one of the most socially conscious bands around, Bleach Drinker is an interesting cocktail of influences, and Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes blew me away, playing a style you don't see much of anymore but still keeping it interesting and just slightly off in all the right ways. I've also heard good things about quite a few younger bands but haven't checked them out personally yet so I can't very well give them my endorsement.


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