Kilgore Trout, Midwest Contraband, Benjamin Brashear

When: Fri., Oct. 24, 8 p.m. 2014

Inspired by local author Kurt Vonnegut Kilgore Trout know no boundaries when performing their eclectic blend of original rock music. Always they explore and transcend the rock and blues genres with a creative mix of original songs. Often times their songs are rooted in country-esque, bluesy style but never shying away from the motion of raw punk at once, within the same song while at times the songs extend out with a jam band based element with long verses and intriguing lyrical arrangements.

Midwest Contraband is a little bit Replacements, a little Sonic Youth and a whole lot of "stop describing us.. we are what we are". Hooks, melodies, driving drums, pounding bass and all the analog bleeps, sweeps and freak outs to make the listener longing for their original Nintendo fell safe and warm... while rocking out.

Price: $5

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