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Kim Beck's NOTICE: A Flock of Signs

When: June 22-Oct. 31 2013

The Indianapolis Museum of Art today announced that it has commissioned artist Kim Beck to create the next site-specific installation for The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park: 100 Acres. Premiering June 22, 2013, NOTICE: A Flock of Signs will be the Park’s 11th installation since its opening in June 2010, joining site-specific works by Alfredo Jaar, Jeppe Hein, Kendall Buster and Andrea Zittel, among others.

Unlike signage typically used to guide and inform, Beck’s signs will deliberately perplex, misdirect, and even contradict one another. A hyper-informative, look-at-me garden folly, NOTICE: A Flock of Signs will elevate the everyday—the paths, trees, flora and traces of fauna. Additionally, the signs will play on official signage used for safety and land use, but will embrace a handmade aesthetic and experiment with variations of scale and perspective. The project playfully addresses conventional uses of signage and explanatory text in art museums and formal gardens, and provides a counterpoint to the more directed visitor experience inside the Museum. Beck’s intervention in the park will also emphasize the tension between what is considered “natural” or “constructed” geography within the sculpture park experience.

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