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Know your Indiana Craft Brew IQ



So what do you know about Indiana craft beer? Check your answers at the Brewers of Indiana Guild booth at Winterfest on Feb. 1 to pick up your prize. Or wait until we print run them on Feb. 7. And learn more about this year's (sold-out) Winterfest in this week's Beer Buzz.

1. What's Indiana's oldest brewpub?

2. What's the most recently opened production brewery in Indianapolis?

3. How are the answers to questions one and two connected?

4. Name at least two Indiana brewers who started out as a winemaker?

5. How many Indiana breweries have a number in their name?

6. Name at least three Indiana breweries with a heavenly body name or a heavenly allusion.

7. Name at least four Indiana breweries with a foreign language name.

8. Name at least three Indiana breweries with an animal or bird in their name.

9. What's the difference between a brewpub and a production brewery?

10. Which Indiana breweries come to Winterfest in a "theme outfit"?


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