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Land of A Thousand Rappers at Indy Reads



On Sept. 24, join Asthmatic Kitty's Michael Kaufmann at Indy Reads Books for Land of a Thousand Rappers' MiddleWest Surfacing. This mysterious event will coincide with the release of the LOTR five-volume box set, which also includes an accompanying novella titled Zero Seed.

Using hip-hop as a means of mythical storytelling, LOTR channels a cast of characters and projected archetypes "to transmit tales, myths, jokes, rants, lists, codes, spells and formulas that both pull and propel the listener through something that is much more than a narrative to a fantastic sci-fi soundscape; it is a means to understanding who we are, have been, and can be."

Michael Kaufmann is a "temporal vessel" of sorts for the mythic LOTR cast who will "provide final conduit for time-traveling Aztec, Future Rapper." Although the in-store listening party has been cancelled due to "a malicious strike by Warhol Buck$ (a fictitious villain from the box set), all are still encouraged to attend the reading from 6 -7 p.m.

Each volume of the sprawling box set tells its own imaginative tale, with volume titles that include "Future Rapper and the Battle for Zero," "Warhol Buck$ (Courtesy of First World International-Inc.), and more. Through these adventures, the release sticks to the adage that "hip-hop is time travel - a kaleidoscopic-collage adventure for the ear and the mind via the craft of cutting up, arranging, and layering audio and words.


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