Lawyers vs. CAFOs


This story, from the Muncie Star Press (, talks about Randolph County residents who are so fed up with CAFOs buggering up their air, water and soil that they've hired three high-powered lawyers to take on corporate farming giants like Vreba Hoff Dairy, Maxwell Foods/MaxwellFarms and Country View Family Farms.

While most of these cases, brought by Indianapolis attorney Rich Hailey, Savannah, Ga., lawyer Richard Middleton and Kansas City attorney Charles Speers, are being filed in Randolph County, one is being filed in Indianapolis.

Of course, many of you will remember that Gov. Mitch Daniels' platform for his first campaign, as he burned carbons in his RV, eating key lime and persimmon pies across the state, was to DOUBLE the hog population.

Apparently, Hoosiers liked that idea - as long as they aren't downwind of the noxious, sickening effects of CAFOs, or as the Muncie Star Press reporter Seth Slabaugh puts it: "Highly aggressive flies, harmful odors, stacks of dead animals and mismanagement of millions of gallons of manure are among the complaints of neighbors suing pork and dairy producers."

In September, NUVO published Dan Ferber's in-depth article about the Stickdorn family's fight against corporate farm:


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