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GPO prefers hunky males in their stalls, but this is pretty cool.
  • GPO prefers hunky males in their stalls, but this is pretty cool.
Dood, where's my food truck?

Sorry for my hiatus, but I've been uber-busy these past few weeks, having trekked to Chicago for the National Restaurant Association Show late last month. One of the highlights there was the growing food truck craze. Which made me wonder: Why don't we see any food trucks here? Several local chefs have threatened to take their concepts to the streets, but efforts have yet to materialize.

Part of the problem may be local food ordinances. I used to do some work for chef Ron Harris at Locally Grown Gardens, the farmers market on 54th street, and he was always being raided by local food inspectors who gave him all sorts of problems because of his non-traditional kitchen — but also because they didn't understand how he cooked things. For example, they almost banned him from making ice cream because they didn't understand that the egg yolks were actualy cooked.

We're not the only ones with local prickly food ordinances. That's a problem that's prevented trucks from taking to the streets of Chicago, of all places. According to the Tribune, chefs will take their displeasure to the City Council Wednesday, along with a "model food truck ordinance" cobbled together from existing laws. Perhaps its time for local chefs to get on board with that idea …


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