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The video below surfaced on the local blogs and Twitters earlier this week featuring Heavy Gunner Oreo Jones. The pilot episode for what could become a monthly presentation is called “Let’s Do Lunch with Oreo Jones” and finds the emcee hosting a cooking show with special guest DJ B Qwyatt. The chefs complement each other well and the video is laced with subtle humor typical of Heavy Gun productions- from Qwyatt’s squashing of a mosquito that lands on Oreo’s face to the first taste test of the "Chili Cook Off Extravaganza" where Qwyatt tosses the drippings that fall from Oreo’s mouth back into the pot of chili. Be sure to watch the entire 10 minutes; as the video nears the end, Oreo even asks Qwyat to “do a little cookin’ dance” with him.

I caught up with Oreo Jones for a few questions about his television debut as the host of his own cooking show.

NUVO: Your CD is titled “The Delicious EP”. You share a name with a famous cookie. You are munching on a bag of popcorn in the Heavy Gun photo for NUVO’s Broad Ripple Music Fest issue. I once even saw facebook photos of you in a bathtub full of milk and Fruit Loops. Why the food obsession?
Everyone loves food! You would die if you didn't eat. When I was 19 I had a job as a line cook at Cheese Burger in Paradise for two weeks. I got fired because I wanted to play basketball one afternoon with my friends instead of going to work. Thinking about that job makes me kinda hungry.....

NUVO: How was the concept for your own cooking show born?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional chef and karate champion. Neither worked out, so I decided to start a show where I could learn how to cook with people who are doing cool stuff around my city and beyond. I just thought of the concept randomly. I don’t think anyone around here has their own cooking show. Especially a rapper.

NUVO: Any hints on who might be the next guest?
Two words: Bill Murray


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